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Studie: Europeans’ Wishes for the Car of the Future

Studie: Europeans’ Wishes for the Car of the Future

The Cars We Want Tomorrow - 2012


AutoScout24 questioned Europeans about their wishes for the car of the future in a large scale international study.

What will await us when we sit behind the steering wheel of a car in 25 years’ time? Will there still be a steering wheel? Will we still do the driving ourselves? What sort of drive system will it have? What electronic assistants will be helping us? What range of entertainment and information systems will be available to us?  

The future holds so many possibilities. But what are the expectations of the people in Europe for the car of the future? In a representative survey covering seven European countries – Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Austria and Spain – the largest Europe-wide online car market,  AutoScout24 questioned over  8,800 people about their wishes for the vehicle of the future. At a time when new drive technologies are coming onto the market and new digital assistants are offering more and more possibilities, the automotive industry is in a state of flux. The AutoScout24 study "The Cars we want Tomorrow" should provide some useful guidance.

What do Europeans wish for in the car of the future?

Studie Europeans’ Wishes for the Car of the FutureEuropeans have a clear priority. When asked about their wishes for the car of the future 93 percent of Europeans replied: maximum safety. In second place comes reasonably priced mobility at 89 percent. Only Spain and Austria have other priorities here: while the Spanish place a higher value on comfort, the Austrians’ primary wish after safety is an environmentally friendly car. Europeans place comfort and sustainability joint third at 86 percent. A versatile car suitable for everyday use is important to 79 percent of those questioned. Making driving fun comes in sixth place at 75 percent, although there are national differences: while the Belgians and Italians are particularly demanding on this point, Germany is in the middle of the bunch. The Austrians care less about driving being fun. Coming way down in the Europeans’ list of priorities is the wish for a car to be a status symbol, with only 35 percent embracing this.

Optimism about the car for tomorrow

Europeans’ hopes match their demands of the automotive industry: 92 percent of Europeans and 88 percent of Germans are of the opinion that cars will still have a positive influence on their quality of life in 25 years’ time. "Europe’s drivers are a long way off from regarding the car as a necessary evil. Quite the contrary: the overwhelming majority expect the car of the future to have a positive impact on their life. That is early praise for an industry that is facing a dramatic transformation. It should be an incentive to make even more room for unconventional ideas in development," says Thomas Weiss, Chief Editor of AutoScout24 magazine.

You can download the study "The Cars we want Tomorrow" in the following languages:



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